Price Structure

Oil Portraits

Panel Size:
"16" x "20"
One Subject
start at
The basic price is for head and shoulders.
A 3/4 length pose, resultng in a larger size painting will cost more.
than one person
start at
$700 per person

price negotiable and adjusted according to complexity of composition
Most of the portraits are done from photographs provided by the person commissioning the work.

You can be sure that if you like your photograph, you will be pleased with the painting.

Photos can be combined for the optimal image, detailed consultation is suggested.

All portraits begin with a pencil study; and these are available at additional cost.
The person commissioning the work can see and approve the pencil study, and make a monetary deposit before the oil portrait is begun.

PORTRAITS from a live sitting for subjects
12 years and older:
start at $300
per person

Original Works

Most pieces shown are offered for sale. Some will be featured on this site in the future.

In the meantime, please contact me for price quotes on particular pieces.