THE EPIC DAY by Margot Bergman

The Epic Day is a series of eight paintings in oil that include areas constructed in relief. Each work interprets one moment of the cycle of day and night as reflected in the moods of nature and the love awareness between ordinary human beings.

The central image of each work is surrounded by several “frames of reference”. Most of them are constructed out of sewn canvas, becoming ever more three-dimensional. These juxtaposed images build poetic and symbolic connections, and in the end, create a sculptural gesture for each work. The frame-shapes reach out into the surrounding space and give rhythm and interrelation to the whole.

The Epic Day has been shown in the Torpedo Factory’s Art League Gallery, Alexandria,Va., and in the galleries of James Madison University, Eastern Mennonite University, Mary Baldwin College, and Bridgewater College, all of Virginia.

Margot usually accompanies The Epic Day with an interpretive gallery talk.

Morning      midsummer
Midday        intimacy
Afternoon   the bee dance
Sunset         hard times
Nightfall     moonlight
Midnight     the dance of life
Dawn          The Spell is Broken
Daybreak   the artist waking up from his dream